Lesbian As Fuck
19 years down, 200 to go. TAKEN. Too lesbian to function; too high to care. Chivette
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I would sit in a parking lot with you at 2am

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Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or NO


send me someee? seriously, anything you want to ask I’m open to answer.

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Kid in my lit class


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Lust is Saturday night; love is Sunday morning.


The only way I will get married is if opals are involved.

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from The Books I Didn’t Read Saved Me by Dana Staves (via bookriot)

This article really resonated with me, so I’m sharing it in case it might also resonate with you.

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Barnes & Noble is a big store with more titles than I could possibly read. But reading wasn’t the point. Not really. It was the experience of being with books. With so many words, neatly stacked on shelves, all around me – no filing cabinets, no warrants to stamp – I was home. The books, the ones I didn’t even read, saved me, just by being there, just by being books.
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